Our Mission is to promote awareness and foster traditional values of Mariachi music and Baile Folklórico through educational activities that increase knowledge, artistic and technical experience, cultural identity, and pride in our youth and community.

Board of Directors


Alfonso Dancil
Board Chair

Executive Board Officers

Patty Ruiz – Vice Chair
John Contreras – Treasurer
Delfina Alvarez – Secretary

Members at Large

Ernesto Luis Aguilar, M.D.
Mario Aguilar
Marybeth Zellon
Gloria Corral
Chloe Dior
Celestino Fernandez, Ph.D.
Ramona F. Grijalva
Robert Guerrero
Maria Elena McElroy
Grace “Mini” Alvarez
Guadalupe Romero, Ph.D.
Emma Quijada
Mario Celis
Camille Diaz
Lupita Lamadrid
Gil Federico
Anna Leon Nava
Patsy Klein
John A. Aldecoa
Adrian Perez
David Membrila
Maribel Y. Serrano
Chantal Danay Ralls
Dr. Carlos Dejud

Corporate Officers

Daniel J. Ranieri, Ph.D. – President/CEO
Kathy G. Wells – Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
Michael Prudence – Vice President/Chief Financial Officer