SAVE THE DATE FOR 2025: April 23rd to 27th

Workshop Levels & Requirements

Level I ($115 per student)

Minimum age is 7 years old and must be able to read music with at least one year instruction in mariachi music. Limited availability.

Level II ($115 per student)

Students must be able to read music and have at least two or more years of instruction. Limited availability.

Level III ($115 per student)

Must read music and have at least six or more years of participation in mariachi performance. Limited availability.

Master Level ($165 per student)

Must read music and have at least eight years performing experience in mariachi. The music at this level will be more challenging. Limited availability.

Voice ($115 per student) & Harp (Levels I-III $115 / Master Level $165 per student)

Voice & Harp workshops require previous experience. These students are not separated by levels of experience and instructors work directly with each according to their proficiency.

Voice: Limit 40 students, Harp: Limit 25 students.


I.D. Bracelet

Must be worn to gain entrance to any workshops and Garibaldi events. I.D. bracelets are non-transferable and non-replaceable. Replacement bracelets will be charged the full amount. If bracelet is altered in any way, for any reason, this will result in your immediate expulsion from all conference events.



Participant Pick-Up, Drop-Off

Pick up and drop off will be at the west entrance. If you will be staying it is recommended you park in Lot B for $10.

Workshop Music Books

Workshop participants will receive ONLY ONE workbook. A $50 fee will be charged to replace a lost or stolen workbook. Replacements are subject to quantity on hand.


Aggressive behavior or physical confrontation will result in dismissal from the conference without a refund. Alcohol or use of uncontrolled and illegal substances during the conference is also grounds for dismissal.


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